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The E R Place Counseling Blog


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 07/21/16

Many adults would be surprised at what children can comprehend.  Though they understand most things from their own childlike point of view, they are not oblivious to what is going on around them.  They absorb all of the information in their environment like sponges.  As a result, they learn not only what adults choose to teach them but the unintentional lessons adults don't want them to know, as well.  

They are learning how to make choices, how to handle difficult emotions, and how to demonstrate thoughtfulness and caring from the adults in their environment.  Adults are teaching their children about lessons in forgiveness, financial responsibility, and social skills by what they allow their children to observe.  Oh, and they are observing you at all times.  It may seem that they are more interested in the video game and not really paying attention to your phone conversation.  Or, they may appear to be engrossed in play and not paying attention to the disagreement you are having in the next room. However, they are always in tune to what is going on around them.  Their innate curiosity will always take note of signs and signals that teach them how they are to feel and behave in situations.  Kids are smarter than we think about emotional and behavioral cues, so take care to send the message you want them to learn.


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 06/07/16

There is a popular song in the Disney High School Musical series that ask the question- What Time Is It? The cast is dancing around and having the best time over the concept of it being their time to Win.  If I wanted to take it even further and make the concept of the song deeper, I'd said it is an analogy about their seizing the opportunity during and after high school to be the winners in every area of life.  Through the subsequent bumps and bruises of relationship issues and the marathon of high school angst, they still manage to hang on to their winning spirit.  

Adulthood is often more arduous than any high school experience, real or on Disney.  It is peppered with land mines in the areas of relationships, child-rearing, finances and career issues, just to name a few.  Over time our perception of ourselves as a Winner can be worn down by everyday life issues and traumatic circumstances.  Only by renewing our attitude and perception of ourselves as winners will we be able to overcome many of these issues.  We have to push back the negativity in life circumstances and look for opportunities to Win.  We have to ask ourselves daily- What Time Is It?  Using this as our reminder that it is our time to Win. 


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 05/31/16

Are you sitting back and not taking Action?  What are you being called to do?  Is it something you are putting off.  A task that seems insurmountable?  Is there a relationship that needs mending or a vision that you want to pursue?  Now is the time to take ACTION!  Today is all the time you are guaranteed and there is no better time than now.  Waiting is not the key to making things better or making them happen.  This is your Call To ACTION.  Don't sleep on your possibilities.

Waking Up Your Mind

by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 04/11/16

Have you ever driven somewhere that you've gone multiple times and once you arrived you realized that you don't remember anything about the drive itself?You were basically on autopilot and your mind had shut off from all other possibilities.  Many of us suffer with this malady in other situations but don't notice.  We go through our normal daily routines with few variations.  We get up, turn on the coffee pot, get the kids off to their destination or let the dog out.  We go through these steps in the exact same manner as we've always done them and things seldom stray too far from the norm.  As a result, our minds are asleep and not open to new possibilities, different options, or new challenges.  We are in a rut. This rut affects our ability to set and reach new goals.  It inhibits our vision for ourselves and confines our thinking.  We are trapped in our zombie-ish state.  Neither asleep nor fully awake.  

In order to change this dynamic, we would need to shock our system.  A lot like the Ice Bucket challenges a couple of years ago.  They were so popular because it was shocking to see, and participate in, actively having a bucket of ice dumped on your head.  Our minds need a similar wake up call.  For some it could be as simple as doing something you never could have imagined, even if it means doing it alone.  For others it could be having a conversation with someone you wouldn't normally talk to or pursuing a goal you could've never imagined pursuing.  We don't have to skydive or cliff jump in order to wake ourselves up. Just being open to all the amazing possibilities and people around us can be a wake up call all by itself.


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 01/09/16

Image result for image of liar

For many individuals that are challenged by depression (notice I didn't say suffer with) it can be difficult to notice the difference between messages sent by your reasonable mind and your depressed mind.  So often I've said that "your depression speaks to you".  It tells you that situations are hopeless or you are worthless.  It maximizes things that would reasonably be far less significant and it minimizes as many of the positives as it can.  Depression tells you that sleep or eating, or not eating, will help you to cope with things.  It tells those who are challenged by it that others do not care or are out to get them.  It will say that those who appear to love us, just don't understand.  Depression speaks boldly and loudly, as if it has a right to do so.  

But, I am declaring today that Depression is a LIAR!  It doesn't want you to know the TRUTH.  Which is that you are valuable, no matter what you've been through.  No Matter What.  The positive things that are said and done in our lives are the things that will renew us and bring us through any situation if we choose to see them. The enemy of Depression is Hope and it doesn't want those that are dealing with it to know that.  So today and every day, every moment necessary, declare Depression the LIAR it is and state that in this moment I will not be challenged by depression but be challenged by hope.  Take it one moment at a time.  Get out of bed, open the blinds in this moment.  Call a friend, read a good book in the next moment.  Meditate and go for a walk in the moment after that.  Let hope tell the truth where depression once lied.

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