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The E R Place Counseling Blog


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 10/04/17

When relationships aren't going well, we often are much too focused on what the other person did or said that upset us.  The truth is that this is an opportunity to not only learn about the other person in the relationship but to learn about ourselves.  For instance, if the other person's behavior was heinous in some way, we may want to spend a little time reflecting on our emotional mindset to be certain we aren't projecting the type of emotional energy that would bring this individual into our lives.  

Another example could be how we react to family and friends.  Are we taking things they say or do too personally?  Are we applying emotion to someone else's behavior?  If my family member is upset but I'm certain I'm not at fault, why would I be angry also?  I'm not going to mirror my family member's anger.  Putting a mirror up to ourselves will confirm us or grow us as we navigate the emotional waters of relationships.  

Temporary Blindness

by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 08/24/17

Have you ever been driving or riding in a car and the sun hits your eyes just right and for a moment you can't see where you are going?  It only last a second or two but in that moment you feel a short burst of panic.  That "what do I do" feeling.  That's what happens at times when we can't see our way towards a goal that we've envisioned.  We have that brief moment of panic and that feeling of "what do I do" or "what am I doing".  

It is acceptable to not always be sure and to have moments of doubt.  I call these, blindspots in our vision.  They are moments where we simply cannot see the end goal.  My advice is to keep pressing towards your goal through these moments.  This is not the time to give up or let go.  This is a moment of temporary blindness that will soon pass.  You'll look back on these moments as just a part of the journey towards the goal you initially envisioned.


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 02/10/17

While at the hair salon this week (yes, I go faithfully every two weeks), I was speaking to another woman who was sharing that she was looking forward to the flowers that she had ordered delivered to herself for Valentine's Day.  The two of us and the salon owner had a good chuckle over this.  However, as we began to discuss her motives further, it became apparent that she was serious about doing something for herself to mark this occasion.  She had a Significant Other but felt that rather than wait for someone else to show their love for her, she would show love for herself.  Her words were, "no one knows how I like to be loved better than I do so I chose to do something beautiful for myself."  She shared how much she was looking forward to her flower delivery and the special note she'd written for herself.  Her face lit up with excitement.  Then the salon owner revealed that she was taking herself to a jazz concert on Valentine's Day night.  I was so uplifted that these strong, beautiful (and I do mean beautiful) ladies were choosing to do something positive to show their love for themselves.  We can each learn a lesson in self-love from them because we can't always expect love to come from outside of us.  Sometimes you have to do something just for you.   

T. Bell


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 08/30/16

Everything changes and this is evidenced several times a year by the change in seasons.  Nature gives us a demonstration of how natural change is to life.  We are often ending one season in our life and beginning a new one.  Some seasons are winters where we are forced to leave a job or a relationship, or we lose a loved one.  Others are spring seasons where a new relationship begins or a child is born to us.  Some seasons we attempt to hold on to and this causes disturbance in the natural order of things.  In order for nature to replenish and restore itself, it must let go of the old and allow new to be brought to life.  The same is true in our lives.  In order for us to renew our lives and grow, we need to be willing to let go of whatever is no longer growing, no longer sustaining us, no longer worthy of us- and be willing to embrace the new season in our life.
T. Bell


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 07/21/16

Many adults would be surprised at what children can comprehend.  Though they understand most things from their own childlike point of view, they are not oblivious to what is going on around them.  They absorb all of the information in their environment like sponges.  As a result, they learn not only what adults choose to teach them but the unintentional lessons adults don't want them to know, as well.  

They are learning how to make choices, how to handle difficult emotions, and how to demonstrate thoughtfulness and caring from the adults in their environment.  Adults are teaching their children about lessons in forgiveness, financial responsibility, and social skills by what they allow their children to observe.  Oh, and they are observing you at all times.  It may seem that they are more interested in the video game and not really paying attention to your phone conversation.  Or, they may appear to be engrossed in play and not paying attention to the disagreement you are having in the next room. However, they are always in tune to what is going on around them.  Their innate curiosity will always take note of signs and signals that teach them how they are to feel and behave in situations.  Kids are smarter than we think about emotional and behavioral cues, so take care to send the message you want them to learn.

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