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by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 06/18/15

I had tried to reach my personal goals more times than I could count.  However, things just kept getting in the way.  It would be business concerns that needed my attention, or the kids had a recital or groceries needed to be bought.... always Something.  So finally, I just felt like I should give up.  Maybe I was never meant to run a marathon or learn to flip houses or cruise through Europe.  Hey, you can't have everything.  But then something inside just wouldn't let me give it all up.  I had to finally learn to do three things. 

I first learned to compromise a little.  So instead of a full marathon, I'd start with a 5K run.  Instead of Europe, I'd start with the Caribbean, which was much closer and so I could actually go more often. Next I had to learn that there are some things I can do now and others that will have to wait until I get at least one of my two children in college and moderately self sufficient.  The third thing I had to learn (and the hardest for me) was to ask for help.   When there was an emergency at the office, I needed to rely on my partner more, someone else would have to pick up the kids sometimes and groceries can be ordered (did you know that? a Godsend). 

So I haven't given up, I'm pressing on to the finish line of many of my goals, difficulties withstanding and expect only the best.

Tiwana Bell

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