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Health and Wellness
​Exercise's Effect on Mood and Anxiety

In this American Psychological Association article by Kirsten Weir (see attached link) she outlines the healthy benefits that exercise can have on mood and anxiety.  Exercise has often been recommended by professionals as being beneficial to those who suffer from depression and/ or anxiety.  However, continued research is being done in this area and opportunities for further understanding the link between exercise and the brain are further evolving.


Some key things you can do to increase exercise are:

Take a short 20 minute walk before dinner

Take walks as a family

Engage in the 20/20/20 _ 20 Jumping Jacks, 20 Push ups, 20 Sit ups daily

Walk somewhere nearby that you might usually drive, such as the local store to pick up a few groceries

Try Exercise and see for yourself what the results may be!

Tools for Anxiety

When faced with anxiety, there are a number of tools that can be used to assist in lowering stress levels.  It is important to lower stress levels, even during times that we may not feel anxious or stressful.  It gives us a chance to empty our "stress tank" so that it never becomes too full.

An important tools to try is aroma therapy.  This can be had with the use of diffusers or essential oils.  Both are quick and on the go ways to have access to aromas such as chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus. 

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Another great tool for coping with Anxiety is meditation.  
There are some great meditations on You Tube.  Start with a
meditative exercise that only last a few minutes and work your
way up to a longer meditation.  There are also meditation 
guides that allow you to focus on a quick thought.  One I often
recommend is The Language of Letting Go.  Most people who've tried this book have benefited.  Anxiety is often about control and this book helps define in daily meditations how important it is to let go of control in some areas.

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Setting aside time to relax can be a major tool for dealing with stress and anxiety.  Many individuals feel they don't have time to just relax.  But, even 20 minutes can make a huge difference.  I will point out that watching television or surfing the internet on 
your phone is not time for yourself.  It's usually an avoidance tactic.  So find time in your day to relax and just be you. Take a walk in the park.  Put on your favorite song and dance around your home.  Watch the sun set or rise, take a long, hot bath.  Just find joy in relaxing.