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The E R Place Counseling Blog


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 02/17/20

Being one half of a relationship-whole can be difficult.  Spouses and partners don't always see eye to eye on parenting, finances, household matters, or intimacy.  The EnRichment Place is offering a Couples Check-In, which is an initial session to review some of the relationship dynamics and assess goals needed for the couple to work through their difficulties.  You go to the doctor to get a check-up, well come see us for your relationship check-in.  We can't wait to assist you in taking your relationship to the next level.


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 01/22/20

Where's the resilience?  Some things seem too difficult in this age of instant solutions.  The digital age has created an age of impatience and constant entertainment.  As a result we have little patience for things that take time and consistency.  For some, this also means they do not respond well to difficulty or the natural resistance of life.  When difficult problems arise, these individuals are overwhelmed or unable to rebound back from situations.  This creates a culture more likely to give up.

Be intentional in building your resilience.  Here are some ways to do this.  One, find ways to challenge yourself.  Learn a new task that you've never done before.  Learn a new sport or to cook a challenging dish well.  Go further in task you already engage in such as working out.  Lift more or run longer.  Challenge yourself.  Two, build your coping skills and support system.  Building these areas of your life will give you the inspiration to keep going during life's difficulties and encourage you not to give up.  Three, decrease the digital footprint in your life by spending less time on your various digital device.  Take a walk without headphones.  Plant a veggie garden outside.  Play a board game as a family.  Intentionally incorporate activities that do not require digital access.  Spend a day off the grid.

These may all appear to be small things but they can go a long way towards increasing resilience.  Feel free to share ways you increase resilience in your life.


by EnRichment Place Clinicians on 06/05/19

 It is not uncommon for couples to share passwords and other information between phones.  Certainly, it isn't uncommon for one spouse to answer another's phone.  Or is it?  Many people consider their phone their personal business and aren't too comfortable allowing another party to have open access to it.  There is no right or wrong regarding sharing of phones.  However, the unhealthy aspects of this dynamic occur when one spouse is checking the phone, whether the other spouse is aware or unaware, for suspicious activity.

If you are an individual who believes you need to check your partner's phone, ask yourself a few questions.  Am I checking the phone because I don't trust my partner?  Am I just looking for a serious problem to happen in my relationship?  Is this about my partner, about me, about my previous relationships?  Basically what is this behavior about?

If it's truly due to lack of trust in your current partner, then it is important for you both to look at what dynamics need to be changed for you both to have a healthier relationship experience.  Trust is a cornerstone of healthy relationships and it is important to assess where you are and what issues need to be worked on.  Remember that help is available to assist you in working through these issues at The EnRichment Place.

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